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Lighthouse Beach News

January 25, 2022

The owner of the property put up a fence with an employee from 7pm to 3 am. The cattle panel fence was wired together with barbed wire

Febuary 11, 2022

Local citizens held signs on Lighthouse Way. There was a confrontation with the owner who drove from Portland to defend his fence. That evening he installed flood lights and now there is 24/7 camera with lighting to protect his fence. 

March 3, meeting notes

The current owner of the property (the owner and his family are not local residents) is not interested in allowing access to the pathway.
-The right of way was vacated by the county in 1960. There is a second easement path further east that is being investigated by the country.
-It is unknown if the second easement will be publicly viable until the investigation is completed through the county.
-John Sweet (one of the three country commissioners)  been the  main point of contact for establishing public access to the beach.
-Surfrider is working with a legal team researching options and this team will be helping negotiate further options to work towards restoring access to the beach.
-Emailing the county commissioner (s) John Sweet and let him know how important beach access is for you and thank him for the work he has done so far.


Sean O’Leary and the Slights reapplied barbed wire over the cattle panel fencing


Letter was sent to Dr O’Leary requesting access to the beach. Sean O’Leary drove down from Portland to apply more barbed wire with help of neighbors Mr and Mrs Slight. 

Police were called by Mrs Slight that neighbors had gathered at trailhead outside of barbed wire. 



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